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About Rent a vWorker

RavW is short for Rent a vWorker, a fair freelance marketplace - We are a website that connects employers with virtual workers within the confines of a venue that is safe for both parties. Rent a vWorker is designed to protect employers that hire people to work online by guaranteeing their project with our unique 100% guarantee. We offer this guarantee to employers by providing free escrow and mediation services, which means that the worker does not receive payment for services until the project is delivered as per the specifications and deadline set forth by the employer. Workers are also protected by escrow on every project. Once the vWorker has completed his project, as per the employer's specifications, the escrow is released to him.

The History Behind Rent a vWorker  

Rent a vWorker was founded in December 2012 and brought out into a live environment in December 2013. Though our site is new, and our site operations are unique to the industry, the concept of our site is not new. The idea of our venue was initially established by Ian Ippolito's former company "Rent-a-Coder", later "vWorker". Similar to other sites, such as Freelancer, oDesk, eLance, Scriptlance and Guru, we offer a freelancing marketplace - also referred to as a "hire online", "outsourcing" or "work from home" site.


In November 2012 Ian Ippolito sold vWorker to Freelancer, leaving many vWorkers (Virtual Workers) without a comfortable workplace. Some of us banded together and built Rent a vWorker. Being freelancers, experienced within the industry of outsourcing, we knew what was needed for a safe working venue. Some core features that we knew our site must have were identity verification, escrow and mediation, and we were adamantly against membership fees. So with this, we got busy and built a venue that would be safe for both sides - employers and workers, thus Rent a vWorker was built.


The talents that went into building our site span across the world, though our primary business locale is owned and operated in the United States, specifically a small town in Michigan, called Perry.


Rent a vWorker was built by vWorkers for vWorkers and their employers.

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