Affiliate Agreement

Rent a vWorker Affiliate Agreement

The following agreement is in addition to Rent a vWorker's Terms of Service and other legal agreements, and explains your rights and the necessary requirements to earn money by referring users to our site. Affiliate earnings are only applicable to referrals to, not Rent a Vworker CMS - Opens in a new window.

By participating in the Rent a vWorker Affiliate program you acknowledge that you are eighteen (18) years or older and have not been terminated from our affiliate program or website for violating our Terms of Service or other Agreements. The term of the RavW Affiliate Agreement is on-going unless terminated in writing, on the Rent a vWorker CMSThis link opens in a new window or via email. RavW reserves the right to terminate any affiliate agreement with or without cause if the affiliate's actions are deemed inappropriate or against the RavW Affiliate Agreements.

Rent a vWorker will provide textual and graphic links that can be used for the purposes of referring users to our site. Each Affiliate will have a unique identifier link that will acknowledge referrals; if the user being referred is referred without this unique identifier the affiliate will not earn acknowledgement for such referral. Affiliate warrants that he will not edit or otherwise alter the affiliate link assigned to him. Acknowledgement of a referral simply means that the user being referred is forever tied to the Affiliate's account. Affiliates are not paid for referrals; they are paid when the referred user completes a project on Rent a vWorker. Rather than earning a one time payment for a referred user, affiliates are paid each time a project is closed; this is also known as"lifetime residuals". When an affiliate refers an employer he will earn commission each time the employer releases funds from escrow to a worker. When an affiliate refers a vWorker he will earn a commission each time funds from escrow are released to the worker.

Affiliate links should not be placed on websites that contain adult content, harmful or malicious content, illegal activities, violence or defame Rent a vWorker or any of its websites.

Affiliate should not use unsolicited email (SPAM) or other correspondence, such as instant messaging or chat, to promote their affiliate link.

Affiliates can only earn acknowledgement and subsequent affiliate earnings for new site users. New users must have not previously registered on Rent a vWorker or share information with other site users, such as the same email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card, Pay Pal account, Payoneer account, MoneyBookers (Skrill) account, etc.

Rent a vWorker requires cookies for use of our site, and referred users must have cookies enabled for the proper acknowledgement to be assigned to the referring affiliate.

Rent a vWorker reserves the right to determine if a website or promotion technique is deemed suitable for affiliate usage, and affiliate agrees to remove any links that are, in the sole discretion of Rent a vWorker, determined to be inappropriate.

Rent a vWorker verifies the validity of referrals, which may include IP tracing, fraud scaling and analysis and other methods. If RavW, in its sole discretion, determines a referral to be fraudulent acknowledgement of referral will be not be accepted and affiliate earnings will not credited to the affiliate. If the affiliate account demonstrates a history or repeating pattern of invalid referrals it will be closed and any earnings not yet paid will be forfeited. In the event that the funds for a project result in a charge back, cancellation or are otherwise returned RavW will deduct the commission earnings from the affiliate's account or future earnings.

Affiliates are paid a percentage of closed/paid transactions (end of job fee) on our site. They are paid 20% of the revenue generated by referred employers and 5% of revenue generated by vWorkers; should the same affiliate refer an employer and worker that complete a project together they will earn 25% of the revenues generated. Once an affiliate has earned $1,000 they are entitled to earn 25% for all employer referrals and 7% of all worker referrals. Additional incentives are available for affiliates that earn $8,000 or more. Affiliates that reach the threshold for higher earnings must contact Rent a vWorker so their affiliate account can be adjusted; adjustments cannot be backdated.

Affiliates are required to verify their identity as any other user of our site. Payments are made to affiliates twice per month using the payment withdrawal system in place for freelance vWorkers, via Pay Pal, MoneyBookers/Skrill, Payoneer and Bank Wire. Payees in and residents of the United States residents must complete a W-9 form and are subject to tax reporting if/when reach or exceed the IRS minimum.

Affiliates may create their own graphics and submit to RavW for affiliate advertising and usage. Copyright of any graphics submitted and accepted must be transferred to RavW for the shared use of all present and future affiliates. Whenever possible Rent a vWorker will include the creator's user name in the corner of such graphics and share on the Rent a vWorker CMS site with credit linking back to the creator.

Participation in the Rent a vWorker Affiliate Program does not constitute any partnership, joint venture, franchise or ownership between RavW and the affiliate.

RavW reserves the right to alter, edit, amend or terminate its Affiliate Agreement as necessary. Such changes will be posted on Rent a Vworker CMS - Opens in a new window

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