• Getting Started
    • Outsourcing your first project online can be nerve wracking, just as going to work online can be. Rent a vWorker prides itself in providing a safe environment for both employers and freelancers. We are the only USA based site that does not charge a membership and requires identity verification and escrow. This article provides a basic overview of how to get started on RavW and outsource your job (or work online) in a safe, guaranteed environment.
  • Avoiding Disputes
    • Disputes are not common but they can happen when you're working online, especially if you post a job for hire or a bid for work that is not specific. In effort to help alleviate the chances of a dispute on your project we have provided a general overview of things you should and should not do in your job post or bid.
  • Resolve Disputes before Mediation
    • Dispute resolution is provided by RavW at no charge, however, there are some tried and true techniques to resolving your dispute before going into mediation. Whenever possible it is best that the employer and worker attempt to resolve any disagreements before going into mediation. It is usually possible to resolve or negotiate issues when both parties are willing to do so. However, as previously stated, Rent a vWorker provides free dispute resolution.
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