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Free Dispute Resolution

Rent a vWorker takes pride in offering the strongest money back and payment guarantee in the industry. We are able to provide our guarantees with confidence because of our escrow and free dispute resolution service. Unlike other sites, such as Freelancer (Scriptlance), eLance, oDesk, iFreelance and others, RavW requires mandatory, no-fee escrow for each job at the time the employer accepts a bid. This unique approach to online outsourcing is what sets Rent a vWorker apart from the others.

When an employer accepts a bid for a project they are required to escrow the funds for the project at the time they hire a worker for their job. This initiates the work contract and secures the funds needed for the project. From this point the worker knows that once they complete the project, per the specifications listed in the bid request and agreed upon negotiations, they will get paid when they complete the work. At the same time the employer knows that if the worker does not complete the project as he has specified he will get his money back. Rent a vWorker does not charge for the escrow service, and has this policy in place for the sole purpose of ensuring that both workers and employers are protected. And should a problem arise we provide free dispute resolution. Between our escrow service and dispute resolution all parties using our site for outsourcing are protected. Our full payment protection is the

Employers are encouraged to be very specific in their bid requests and workers are encouraged to ask questions, clarify any areas that they have questions on and make sure they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them before they place their bid. However, should an issue arise both parties can rest easy knowing that they are protected at no charge.

Rent a vWorker's Arbitrators will mediate disputes as well as perform the typical duties of arbitration. Each party involved, (employer and freelancer), will have an opportunity to state their case and present any valid, applicable evidence, which may consist of the job description, messages from the message board, attachments to the bid request or messages, etc. Whichever party files the dispute will be instructed to identify the issues (reason for opening the dispute) that they have. Rent a vWorker will review the information submitted and contact the other party for reply and/or rebuttal. Initially attempts will be made to rectify and resolve the issues without formal arbitration. Should either party refuse to cooperate or an agreeable conclusion (to both parties) cannot be reached the dispute case will escalate from mediation to arbitration. Once in arbitration the arbitrator must evaluate the issues and find one or both parties at fault. At this point the project is typically closed out with a refund to the employer, payment to the worker depending on work completed or a partial refund to the employer and partial payment to the worker. If the project is cancelled a 3.5% cancellation fee is charged. Whomever is found at fault is responsible for the cancellation fee; if both parties are found at fault the cancellation fee will be split accordingly. Since the cancellation fee is assessed to cover Rent a vWorker's costs associated with the initial escrow transfer, if an employer is found at fault this fee can be waived if he reuses the initially escrowed funds on site.

Our arbitrators are required to approach each dispute fairly and evaluate the evidence that is presented to them. They will only review the initial dispute filing and replies and evidence presented by each party. Arbitrators are not required to go through each and every message between the employer and freelancer, though they are permitted to do so if necessary. If you have a dispute on a project it is imperative that you indicate each and every issue, flaw, complaint or concern at the beginning of the dispute process. It is also very helpful for you to indicate what your solution is to the problem, if any.

Failure to respond to a dispute case, acting in an unprofessional manner or abusing the arbitrator or other party will result in forfeiture of the dispute.


Additional information regarding our dispute resolution and mediation can be found in our Rules of Mediation & Arbitration. As simple as it is, this approach is the best way to create a safe trading environment that allows employers to connect with people that work from home or a small office online with confidence.


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