Feedback Policy

Rent a vWorker Feedback Policy

Rent a vWorker utilizes a temporary blind feedback system, meaning that feedback cannot be seen by others until both parties have completed feedback or a period of two weeks (336 hours) has passed, at which time feedback can no longer be left on a project. The time frame to leave feedback begins at final acceptance of the project deliveries. The purpose of keeping feedback hidden during this time is mainly to maintain the honesty and integrity of our rating system while preventing retaliatory feedback. Each user involved has the comfort of knowing that they can rate the other party honestly without the risk of jeopardizing their own feedback rating.

We encourage users to consider all aspects of the project when leaving feedback, which is rated from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). Each user has the opportunity to rate the other party on a scale from 1 to 10 and leave a short comment. Communications, clarity and the deadline are among items that should be considered by both parties. Employers should also consider whether or not the original project outline (scope) changed, if their specifications were clearly conveyed and if the price and time frame authorized were fair, and weigh such considerations against any requests for additional payment or time. The Rent a vWorker contract is clear that all projects must be completed per the specifications set forth and within the time frame allotted; however, it is possible that the requirements the employer listed were obscure, ambiguous or misunderstood, so we ask that all employers consider these possibilities as well. We also ask that both parties be fair and understand the repercussions of feedback as it is part of the other users permanent record and possibly the only reference that the other user may have when they are looking to hire someone or looking to work online.

In the event that a project enters into a dispute status neither party will be permitted to leave a rating for the other user. Should a project enter into a disputed status the mediator/arbitrator handling the dispute will leave feedback for both parties. Depending on the cause(s) of dispute, evidence and the user's participation, the RavW Arbitrators will leave feedback ranging from 0 (neutral) to -3 (negative three). Generally the party found at fault will receive a negative rating while the other party will receive a neutral rating. These ratings are reserved solely for arbitrators.

Points to remember:

  • Do not leave feedback when you are angry.

  • Do not leave feedback until you have tested the deliveries (vEmployer) or received your payment in full (vWorker).

  • Make sure that all loose ends have been tied up on the job; often it is loose ends that will create a resentment and encourage the other party to leave lower feedback than what you would or should have earned. Also, please keep in mind that everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes, it isn't fair to crucify the other party for an oversight.

  • Remember that your feedback becomes part of the other user's permanent record.

  • Once feedback has been left it cannot be edited, altered or deleted.


RavW reserves the right to alter, edit, amend or terminate its Feedback Policy as necessary. Such changes will be posted on Rent a Vworker CMS - Opens in a new window



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