Identity Verification



Rent a vWorker requires that all site users verify their identity

Identity verification helps Rent a vWorker to create and maintain a safe trading environment. We use a few methods of identity verification, which includes simple telephone verification, placing a small charge on a credit/debit card (and contacting the issuing bank), and obtaining a copy of a government issued ID followed by video Skype. We also use Pay Pal and other methods for verification. The method in which RavW verifies a users identity is largely based on the user's locale and site usage. All users must sufficiently verify their identity before they can begin trading (hiring to work online or employing an online worker).

The most common question in regard to identity verification is "Why?" The reason is very simple, it is for the safety and security of our site and its users. We need to confirm a users identity before allowing financial transactions to take place on our site. This helps to prevent fraudulent payments and fund transfers. We also have federal laws that require such verification. All USA based vWorkers (contract freelancers) are subject to tax reporting which also requires us to verify identification.

User Safety is Important

Our identity verification system is complex due to the prevalence of identity and credit card fraud committed on the internet. So while it may seem cumbersome or slightly time consuming to comply with our verification process, we ask our site users to understand that it is necessary to maintain a safe trading site. Unlike many freelancing sites on the internet, our users know that the person they are working for or the person that they have hired to work are who they say they are and they are not sending or receiving payment via a fraudulent source.

It is important for workers to know that they can place bids and complete projects before their identity verification is complete, they cannot withdraw funds until their account is verified. Similarly, employers can post projects to solicit bids, but cannot accept bids and hire a vWorker until their identity is verified. For these reasons users are encouraged to begin the identity verification immediately after opening a new account so there are no delays between account sign up and hiring or working online.

Methods of Verification

As previously stated, RavW requires different methods of identity verification. Initially you are required to verify your email by clicking a link sent to you at the time that you register for an account. Once your email address is verified you can proceed to the next steps of the verification process.

Simply log into your account, go to "My Account" and "My Verifications".

Enter your telephone number (without country code) and click "verify", this will send a random code to your cellular phone that you then enter into the pop up screen. Verifying your cell phone number is not mandatory for site use but is highly recommended.

Select your preferred payment method(s), fill in the required fields and click "verify". Depending on the payment method that you select you will either authorize a charge ranging from $1-$2 (Pay Pal, MoneyBookers/Skrill) or two random charges, less than $1 (credit card). If your payment verification is completed via a credit card you will be required to return to this page and enter in the two amounts charged to complete the transaction once the two charges appear on your credit card statement. Charges made for verifications will remain on site and credited to your RavW account balance.

Lastly, upload a scan of your drivers license, state identification or other form of government issued ID. Once your identification has been received Rent a vWorker will schedule a brief Skype meeting with you to confirm the identification uploaded. You will receive confirmation of and additional information regarding this meeting via email.

Rent a vWorker is a fair freelance marketplace focused on safety and security - Proper identity verification is a mandatory requirement for all users and necessary for Rent a vWorker to provide our 100% payment and money back guarantee.


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