Importing Ratings

Importing Feedback Ratings from Freelancer, oDesk and eLance

Rent a vWorker allows its site members to import their overall feedback rating score from Freelancer, oDesk and eLance; if demand dictates we will incorporate the ability for users to import ratings from 99 designs, Guru, People Per Hour, Get a Lancer, iFreelance and other outsourcing websites. If you are interested in importing feedback from any other freelancing site please contact our support desk. If enough site members are interested we will expand the sites of which we import feedback. RavW is a fair freelance marketplace, and feel that our members should have the option of displaying their experience via their overall feedback rating from various sites of which they have worked.

Importing your feedback score(s) from Freelancer, oDesk and eLance is easy. Simply log into your account, go to "My Account" and "Edit Profile". On the "Edit Profile" page you will see a link on the left menu called "Other Site Ratings". Click this link to begin the process. The site will give you a unique RavW code that you must copy and paste into your profile(s) at Freelancer, oDesk and/or eLance, depending on which sites you want your feedback score imported from. To do this copy your unique RavW code and then log into each respective account and paste the code at the bottom of your profile(s). Return to the "Other Site Ratings" page and enter the urls for each of your profile(s) in the applicable field. You can import your feedback score from one or all three sites. There is a $5 processing and verification fee for importing scores. This fee is assessed regardless of the number of feedback scores you are importing, i.e., the fee is $5 whether you import one rating or all three of your ratings. This processing/verification fee is a one time charge per request, so requests to re-import a rating, should your rating on another site change, will result in another processing and verification fee.

All feedback that is imported will be displayed publicly on your Rent a vWorker profile, though it will not calculate into your overall RavW feedback score. We import your overall score from Freelancer, oDesk and eLance for informational purposes only. This is an option that we offer to allow site users to show potential employers that they are experienced freelancers; otherwise importing or not importing your feedback score has no bearing on your Rent a vWorker account. Once your ratings have been imported to Rent a vWorker it is not necessary to keep your RavW Identifier Code in your other site profiles.


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