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Working online has never been easier, and Rent a vWorker guarantees that a job well done is a job that is paid!

You can make money from home with your computer and an internet connection using Rent a vWorker. We have a variety of niche areas available for employers to post jobs, some long term and others short term, providing maximum flexibility for your working schedule. Working online is the ideal solution for homemakers, students, people that just need to earn a little extra money and contractors that would like to work full time or set their own hours. You choose which jobs you would like to work on, place your bid for the work and negotiate the terms and payment directly with the vEmployer - it really is that easy!

Unlike many freelance websites today, Rent a vWorker is a USA based online marketplace with a payment guarantee that is unique to the industry. Our site requires that employers place the entire project amount into a secure escrow account before you begin work on the project. This means that once your bid is accepted by the employer the funds for the project must be escrowed (paid) before you begin working on the project. When you have finished the job of which you were hired you know that you will receive payment. Our escrow program also protects employers, as they can rest assured that if their freelancer fails to complete the project they will get their money back.

Rent a vWorker is proud to provide a safe working environment for online workers and their employers.

Key Points in RavW Safety for Freelance vWorkers

Mandatory Identity Verification: All users of RavW are required to verify their identity. This is vital to creating a safe trading environment. Our identity verification process is required to aid in the prevention of fraud. All users must undergo identity verification before they can enter into a contract for work on our site. We strongly encourage you to complete this process immediately so you do not experience any delays in working on our site. You (the workers) cannot withdraw earnings from the site until you have verified youridentity and employers cannot hire you for a job until they have completed the identity verification process.

W9 Form Requirement: All USA-based freelancers are required to complete a W9 equivalent form. The purpose of this form is for tax reporting. Rent a vWorker issues a Form 1099 to all US workers that meet the requirements for IRS reporting. Online workers that live in the USA will receive one 1099 from our company, assuming the required threshold is reached, regardless of the number of vEmployers that they have worked for through the year. Regardless of how many projects a worker completes or how many employers he has outsourced for he will only get one Form 1099 each year, from Rent a vWorker.

Project Escrow: Our mandatory escrow is different than other sites. We require employers to escrow the entire project amount at the time they accept a workers bid, regardless of the size or type of project. These funds are held in an account until the project is completed, thereby ensuring that you will receive payment for the project once you have completed it per the specifications and agreed upon terms.

Dispute Resolution: Should a disagreement occur that you cannot remedy with your employer, we provide free dispute resolution. This is a free service to both vWorkers and vEmployers and provided to amicably resolve any issues that may arise on a project. Disputes are rare but this service is free and available should you feel the need for a third party to settle a disagreement.

USA Law: Rent a vWorker is a USA company, so all users of the site are protected by United States laws.

Multiple Payment Methods: We offer a variety of payment methods for our vWorkers. The most common are Pay Pal, Moneybookers - Skrill, Payoneer, Western Union and bank wire transfer. Since we are a global marketplace we are continually adding methods of payment, so please contact our help desk area if you need a payment method that is not specifically listed here.

No Currency Conversion: Unlike many competitor sites, Rent a vWorker only releases payment in USD. This means that your payment will only undergo one currency conversion, (via the institution of which you choose for your withdrawal), if you need it converted from the US Dollar to another currency. Most freelancing websites convert workers payouts prior to releasing payment which often creates a lower initial payout as well as another possible conversion once the funds reach their destination.

Site Fees: Rent a vWorker does not charge a membership fee. It is free for you to bid on projects without restriction. We do not limit the number of bids that you can place nor do we charge you fees for adding expertise, upgrading or promoting your bid, or other services. We have no hidden fees. The costs associated with working on our site are limited to an end of job fee which is a small percentage that is deducted from the entire project amount once your project is completed and the fees for your chosen method of payment.

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