RavW Basics

RavW is short for Rent a vWorker, a fair freelance marketplace - We are a virtual workplace/website that connects employers with virtual workers within the confines of an online venue that is safe for both parties. Operating in a venue similar to eBay, using a reverse bidding system, employers post their project and workers bid on it. Once you select the worker of your choice, you place the agreed project amount into escrow and allow the worker to complete your project. Workers are only paid when the project is completed as per the specifications outlined by the employer. This means if they do not complete the work you get your money back!

Projects range in size from small to large, hourly to pay-for-deliveries, and from short to long term. The exact details of the project are up to each employer and the terms, with regard to the time frame, total payment amount and specific requirements, are negotiated directly between the employer and worker. RavW provides a venue in which the employer knows they will get what they pay for and the worker knows that they will get paid for work provided. Our money back guarantee and free dispute resolution service make RavW the safest freelancing site on the internet. And, unlike Freelancer (Scriptlance), oDesk, eLance, iFreelance and many other freelancing websites, we do not charge any membership, listing or bidding fees, so you only encounter a charge when a project is completed. Employers post their projects and receive bids for free while workers place bids and negotiate work for free. An end of job fee is included in the workers bid and then deducted from the worker's earnings when the project is closed out. If you have missed vWorker (Rent-a-Coder) no worries - you just found a very similar venue, built by vWorkers for vWorkers.

Rent a vWorker is designed to protect employers that hire people to work online by guaranteeing their project with our unique 100% guarantee. We offer this guarantee by providing free escrow and mediation services, which means that the worker does not receive payment for services until the project is delivered as per the specifications and deadline set forth by the employer. Workers are also protected by escrow, as once they have completed their project, as per the employer's specifications, the escrow is released to them.


How does it work?

It's simple really. By requiring mandatory escrow, all funds for the project are held in escrow, which provides a full guarantee to employers that the person that they hire won't take their money and run. And, at the same time, this escrow provides a guarantee to the worker that when he completes a project the employer won't take his work and disappear. In addition to the escrow service, we also provide dispute resolution. Although the percentage of projects that encounter a dispute are minimal, we offer dispute resolution assistance to resolve any problems that arise on the project. This is included free of charge on all projects.

Another feature of our site is our identity verification. This policy is in place to ensure that our users are who they say they are and to circumvent fraud.


In a nutshell....

All accounts are free to use. Employers (vEmployers) and freelancers (vWorkers) are not charged a subscription, listing or upgrade fees; our site is not structured around any kind of subscriptions.

Employers place their job with the necessary requirements, budget and deadline.

Workers place their bids on the project and communicate with the employer to clarify the job specifics.

The employer selects the worker that he chooses to work with; at this time the employer places the funds for the project into an escrow account and a formal working contract between the employer and worker is created.

The worker completes the project.

Once the employer reviews and accepts the completed project he releases the funds from escrow. A small fee (end of job fee) is deducted from the worker's payment for the operating venue and the funds are placed into the vWorker's payment account.

Each party, the employer and the freelance worker (or vWorker) have the option to leave feedback for the other party.

Twice per month the vWorker can withdraw his funds via several different payment gateways.

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