Rent a vWorker has an Amazing Affiliate Program - We pay Lifetime Residuals!

Rent a vWorker takes pride in offering one of the best affiliate programs available. Once you refer a user to our site you will earn money each time that user completes a transaction on RavW forever. Affiliate earnings vary on the type of user referred and the affiliate level that you reach. Standard affiliates will earn 25% for all employers referred and  5% for all vWorkers referred. Once your referral earnings reach $1,000 the percentage earned increases to 30% for referred employers and 7% for referred vWorkers. If a referred user becomes an employer and freelance worker you will earn commission for each side of his account; once you have referred a user you will earn affiliate commission on ANY transaction that he completes on Rent a vWorker.

Freelancing and "work online" websites have an approximate 50% repeat-business rate, which makes Rent a vWorker's lifetime residual program extremely profitable for affiliates. It is a great way to supplement your income! And Rent a vWorker makes it easy - we provide affiliate links and graphics, and our since RavW does not charge absorbent membership and job listing fees we are much more attractive to those seeking to work or hire online. It's easy to spread the word about an outsourcing website when they are a fair to their users and protect both workers and employers like Rent a vWorker.

It is free to become an affiliate, in fact, when you sign up for an account on RavW you will automatically receive a worker, employer and affiliate account. To participate in our affiliate program you just need to use your affiliate link or graphic with your special affiliate tracking number in it. This can be found on your "affiliate earnings" page in "my account". You can place your affiliate link or graphic just about anywhere - on your website, blog, forum signature, in emails, social networking sites, enzine articles, etc. The main restriction with links sharing is that you do not participate in spam. And though you are permitted to get as creative as you'd like with your affiliate link, we have a few suggestions that might help you get started.

          If you have a website or blog, post your link on the site or within an article.

         Create a website specifically regarding outsourcing, freelancing or working online; write applicable content with your affiliate link in the text or on the page. There are many
         topic areas that apply to freelancer sites, such as comparisons, pros and cons, how to work from home, building your resume, saving money with outsourcing, etc.

         Write enzine articles regarding freelancing or topics that apply to outsourcing and include your affiliate link.

         Write articles or content in which you are proficient, such as a "how to" article and include your affiliate link.


        Add your affiliate link to your email and/or forum signature.

         When you reply to a blog post put your affiliate link in where it asks for your website address.

         Share on Facebook, Google Circles, Yahoo, etc. - Note that when you share our site from your account your affiliate link is automatically included.


Rent a vWorker is continually developing its affiliate program to make it more robust, though it is still superior to that offered by Freelancer (Scriptlance, vWorker), eLance, oDesk, Guru, People Per Hour, Live Person, 99 Designs, Crowdspring, etc. Rent a vWorker's affiliate program is free to join and pays lifetime residuals, meaning it is the best affiliate program on the web!


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