Rent a vWorker Site Improvements

As most site users are aware, Rent a vWorker is relatively new; our site was built to provide outsourcing freelancers a safe place to work. When Ian Ippolito sold vWorker, formerly Rent-a-Coder, in November 2012 a group of freelancers decided to build a similar site. We wanted a venue that was easier, safer, less expensive, and most importantly, more fair than Freelancer - the company that assumed (or consumed depending on your view) vWorker and some other popular outsourcing venues. We carefully reviewed the features of other freelance websites, including oDesk, eLance, Freelancer (Scriptlance), People Per Hour, 99 Designs, Guru, iFreelance, Twago, Freelanced and others. After doing our homework and evaluating all of these sites we took the best features and built Rent a vWorker.

We built Rent a vWorker at a rather hurried pace due to the position that many freelancing vWorkers found themselves in - working on Freelancer or the other sites that offer no payment protection or no identity verification. Both of these missing features equate to not get paid and barely rise above level of the proverbial work from home scams; legitimate employers and workers are uncomfortable working in an environment that does not protect and charges them for every little feature. Rent a vWorker protects employers and workers with our mandatory identity verification, escrow, money back guarantee and free dispute resolution.

So while our site is new and some features are not as developed as we plan for them to be, our doors are open. However, we want our users to know that our intention is to provide a major restructure of our overall design to offer additional features and make the site easier to navigate. Since our affiliate program is one of the best on the web and key to our success, we plan to implement a sophisticated affiliate dashboard first. We also plan to make edits to job posting pages, the message board and the overall flow of the job process from posting to bidding to payments.

Eventually we will likely add an area that workers can post classified ads for work or services for sale. This will operate just like our site, in some ways similar to Fiverr, but won't cost anything to post and a small, one time percentage will be deducted for each transaction completed. Since the functionality and requirements of this area will differ from our main outsourcing site, the percentage will be lower than our already low end of job fee.

We will update our profile options so employers and workers have more flexibility designing their profiles. We will add a comprehensive help desk to alleviate the need for many support tickets by giving you an answer right on the spot. In addition to these improvements we also intend to implement an hourly billing system that takes snapshots of work as it is being done. Some of the functionality for hourly projects has already been completed, but it wasn't fully ready to roll out with our first site release so it is currently disabled. Finally, we are also going to implement ISO-9000 Expert Certification or similar testing and an optional chat system where employers and workers can communicate in a live environment.

All of the upcoming features listed above will help improve Rent a vWorker, and though the list is long (and growing daily), it is just a few of the features that are currently under discussion and development. Building a site like RavW is a massive project that will likely take a few years to finish out in its entirety. Please share any experiences or ideas that you have with us so we can tailor Rent a vWorker to all of your needs!

Thank you for joining Rent a vWorker - A Fair Freelance Marketplace
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