Job Posting Agreement

RavW Job Posting Agreement

The following information is provided in addition to Rent a vWorker's Terms of Service and other agreements, it is just provided in a condensed, easy to read format for employers that wish to post a project for outsourcing.

RavW does not restrict the type of projects that you can post for hire, provided that the work is legal and that you are authorized to post such project on behalf of the company that you are representing, if any.

All jobs posted should be categorized appropriately and contain all pertinent information for coders to accurately bid. You should include a title, brief description that will be shown in the project listing and daily vWorker emails, an extended description with additional detail (if needed), the amount of time you are accepting bids and the time you are allowing for project completion once you hire an online worker.

Bid requests can contain a compressed or zipped file if documents or graphics are needed for workers to properly bid, however, knowingly uploading malicious or harmful content to our site will result in account termination.

If your project requires furnishing of sensitive or private information please check the box to require a NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement. This will require all bidders to electronically sign a NDA at the time they place their bid. You can use our NDA form or specify your own non-disclosure terms in your bid request.

Bid requests, messages to the worker(s) and employer/worker profiles should not contain personal contact information. Posting personal contact information will result in account termination and forfeiture of any on-site funds.

You can post projects for payment upon delivery, payment upon preset milestones or on an hourly basis. Currently hourly jobs are reported using the "honor system".

Job requests asking for free work, work in exchange for a barter or work outside of the Rent a vWorker website are prohibited. Violators of this safety measure may have their account suspended with forfeiture of any monies in their RavW account.

Rent a vWorker requires that all funds for your project are escrowed at the time you hire a coder for your project. These funds will be held until the worker satisfactory completes the work you have hired him for. Please be very specific with regard to the requirements of your project to avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings.

You cannot enter into an agreement to hire an online worker until your identity has been verified. For this reason we strongly encourage you to verify your identity at the of joining our site. All users must undergo identity verification.

As an employer you will not be charged any fees for posting a project. The only fee that you may encounter while using our site is a job cancellation fee should your project go into a dispute status that requires arbitration and you are found at fault. Rent a vWorker charges a 3.5% fee to the user that is found to be at fault to cover the merchant fees that we are assessed when we transfer the funds for your project into escrow. These funds are not refunded to us if we refund the funds you initially escrowed. This fee can, however, be waived should you reuse the funds on our site within ten days of arbitration. Our dispute resolution service is provided for free to both vWorkers and vEmployers on all projects regardless of size or type.

All site communications must be made in English.

RavW reserves the right to alter, edit, amend or terminate its Job Posting Agreement as necessary. Such changes will be posted on Rent a Vworker CMS - Opens in a new window

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