RavW Non-Disclosure Agreement - NDA

Rent a vWorker offers the following complimentary NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), an available option on all projects for free. When a vEmployer posts a project and checks the box to require a NDA the vWorker bidding the project is required to electronically sign that he agrees to provide deliveries as per the requirements in the RavW NDA (below). Employers can add or alter the terms of the NDA by specifically noting the edits in his bid request and/or on-site communications before acceptance of a workers bid. If an employer specifies that a NDA is required, the terms stipulated below (Non-Disclosure Agreement) becomes a legally binding amendment to the RavW employer and worker agreements. It is important to note that the NDA is not the same as a copyright transfer. The NDA basically states that confidential information collected and/or details about the project will be kept in confidence by the freelancer. The copyright transfer, as outlined in our employer and worker contracts, simply explains that once a project is accepted and paid the employer owns 100% of the deliveries. With permission of the vEmployer a vWorker may use the deliveries as a point of reference, referral or portfolio item unless otherwise specified.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

The date of the Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA" or "Agreement") is the day that the vWorker ("Worker", "vWorker", "Freelancer", "Freelance vWorker" or "Coder") places a bid on a project. This Agreement can be engaged at a later time, within the job correspondence, providing that both the Worker and the Employer ("Employer" or "vEmployer") explicitly agree to such. Employers do not have the right to force or demand a NDA once a bid has been accepted and agreed upon.

This NDA is provided to protect the Employer's confidential information with regard to the project, employer's company or other sacred information that must be kept in confidence. Rent a vWorker will terminate a users account if a user is found to have violated an agreed upon NDA; the Employer is responsible for pursing action beyond this point.

Freelancer will keep all confidential information in strict confidence, and without written authorization, the Freelancer will not use any information obtained for any purpose other than completion of the project. Information that is public domain, provided prior to agreeing to the NDA or any other non-confidential source is not covered in the Agreement. The terms of this Agreement are not applicable and waived should the Freelance vWorker be required to release information by a governmental agency, court or law enforcement.

At the request of the Employer the Freelance Worker is required to return, destroy and/or delete any confidential information provided by the Employer.

This NDA is only applicable for the project of which it was signed, and will expire three (3) years from the date it was submitted unless otherwise stated and agreed to in writing.

Freelancer's electronic signature acknowledges acceptance of the NDA and any additional terms set forth by Employer in the bid request and/or bid communication page prior to formal bid acceptance.

Should an employer prefer to use their own Non-Disclosure Agreement or a form, such as the one provided by Bit Law or Home Business Online, they are encouraged to do so. Simply complete the form, upload it with the bid request and require the coder to download, sign and upload with their bid or provide their legally binding electronic signature.

Rent a vWorker reserves the right to modify this NDA. Modifications will be displayed on www.RentavWorkerCMS.com

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