Payment Protection

Money Back Guarantee for vEmployers

Rent a vWorker requires mandatory escrow on all projects, which enables us to provide a 100% money back guarantee. This means that your money is protected if the worker you hire fails to deliver the project per your specifications. To aid in our money back guarantee we provide free dispute resolution.

RavW provides the best money back guarantee in the industry - and it's free! The funds that you escrow for your project are protected with regard to project completion, time frame and quality of the deliveries. If your worker does not deliver your project on time, within budget, as per your specifications or agreed terms, you are protected with our dispute resolution, so you know that you will receive what you pay for without a risk. Unlike eLance, Freelancer (Scriptlance), Guru, oDesk and other outsourcing freelance websites, Rent a vWorker's money back guarantee is applicable on all projects and our dispute resolution is included free.

Payment Guarantee for vWorkers

All employers are required to initiate escrow for all projects at the time they hire a freelancer. This means that the entire project cost must be paid before they can accept your bid. These funds are held in escrow until the project is satisfactorily completed, at which time the funds are released to the worker. Online/virtual freelance workers are guaranteed to receive payment on all completed projects as long as the following requirements are met: 

1) Deliver the work within the time frame specified; 
2) Deliver the project within budget; 
3) Provide quality work.

Freelancers are also entitled to our free dispute resolution service should they reach an impasse on a project, which means if the time frame or specifications change substantially, you are unable to reach an agreement with the employer, the employer changes the requirements or the contract with the vWorker and vEmployer needs to be further negotiated you can use our free service to amicably resolve any issues.

Rent a vWorker is able to offer a full money back guarantee to employers and full payment guarantee to freelance, online workers because of our site policies that include identity verification.

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