Project and Site Copyrights

Rent a vWorker Copyright Policy

All text, data, computer source code, artwork, photographs and materials found on and websites are owned by Rent a vWorker; all rights are reserved. Without Rent a vWorker's explicit written consent, no part of its websites should be copied, edited, transformed, published, duplicated, distributed or broadcast.

Linking to pages within our site is acceptable, though data mining, systematic collection and scraping are forbidden without explicit written consent from Rent a vWorker.

Please contact us for permission to use copyright materials found on our sites.


Rent a vWorker Worker Deliveries Copyright Policy

vWorkers own all copyrights on deliveries submitted to employers until the employer releases full payment for the deliveries by paying the full amount of the original contract or the amount deemed payable via an RavW Mediator/Arbitrator, minus end of job fees and the cancellation penalty, (if applicable), should the project enter into a dispute status. Unless otherwise specified and agreed upon, vWorkers own all copyrights on all drafts and deliveries that are rejected and/or returned for major modification.

Milestone payments do not transfer copyrights unless explicitly agreed upon, by both the employer and worker, that such milestone payment will transfer copyrights. Such agreement must take place at at the time of bidding and bid acceptance.

If the employers payment is cancelled or charged back all copyright transfers are null and void; copyright will then be owned by Rent a vWorker.

Workers explicitly agree that all work performed and completed is original or significantly different than existing work found in common domain and that they have the right to transfer copyrights. Freelance workers are not to use existing code, written material or other works without explicit consent of the existing owner and acceptance from the employer that is hiring them.

Workers are not to use deliveries as a reference of their work unless explicit consent from the employer is obtained.

RavW reserves the right to alter, edit, amend or terminate its Copyright Policy as necessary. Such changes will be posted on Rent a Vworker CMS - Opens in a new window

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