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We don't get tired of saying it, Rent a vWorker wouldn't be what it is if it were not for the hard work and dedication of those that built it. We are freelance vWorkers that built a site that is not only fair but safe. Our main goal was to make a site that would allow employers to hire and workers to work online via a safe trading venue. The freelance workers below have donated their time, talent and effort to help build our site - RavW would not exist without them! Please take a moment to view their profiles and feel free to invite them to bid your project, and accept this page as a formal reference on their behalf.


Jeanne Meier, Founder
Jeanne Meier
Founding Member

Jeanne has been a freelance vWorker and vEmployer since 2001. Speciailizing in writing and SEO, she is ISO-9000 Expert Certified in creative and technical writing, blogging and SEO. She studied business and accounting and worked as a Controller for approximately ten years prior to freelancing. Jeanne lives in the United States with her 3-1/2 year old child; she was widowed in 2012. A Texas native, she enjoys country music and scrapbooking.

Jeanne is a founding member of Rent a vWorker and operates as the CEO of the company. She has contributed a large portion of the site's content and SEO work.



Moeez Bin Hamid, Contributing Member
Moeez Bin Hamid
Contributing Member

Moeez Bin Hamid is a young energetic marketing graduate. He was born on 5th of October 1988 in Lahore, Pakistan. He has experience and is proficient in marketing, as well as telemarketing and phone surveys. He has been a marketing manager for several companies in US and Canada. In addition to phone support, he is good with writing articles too.

He possesses the ability of grasping concepts in no time which makes him a quick learner. His attitude and discipline makes him an all-rounder, you can put him in any field and he will generate results for you. All he needs is guidelines. Moeez is very much fond of music. He loves singing in his free time. Always been a lover of nature, loves traveling. He can speak Urdu, English and Punjabi.

He has contributed several articles and SEO to Rent a vWorker.



Nabeel Shahid, Contributing Member
Nabeel Shahid
Contributing Member

Nabeel began freelancing in 2009. His first project was a small web design, which launched him into his own business freelancing. He is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nabeel has proven that success can be achieved with time and effort. His mission is to "be the best in the eyes of our customers, partners, coworkers & shareholders." He has helped hundreds of businesses with outsourcing and specializes in graphic design, web design, web development, writing, search engine optimization and market research.   

Nabeel provided an interesting article, "Pajamapreneur", along with countless graphics and images of the highest quality to see Rent a vWorker become a leading venue for freelancers.



Amna Sheikh, Contributing Member
Amna Sheikh
Contributing Member

Recently engaged to be married, Amna earned her medical doctorate in mid-2013. She is a frienldy and outgoing vWorker with experience in content writing and SEO; she currently lives in Pakistan.

Though her studies kept her busy during the construction of Rent a vWorker, Amna has been an active participant in launching the site by creating content and spreading the word about RavW.



David Dundas, Contributing Member
David Dundas
Contributing Member

David is Senior Writer for LoftMedia Publishing and has been freelancing since 2008. Living in France but unashamedly British, he is a qualified proofreader and edits anything from short articles to novels. As a writer, there is little he has not written about or produced copy for across all media platforms. Having written complete content for over 50 websites, additional work includes press releases, weekly and monthly blog articles, along with current affairs and news copy for a number of websites.

He completes marketing and promotion services by offering critiques for existing websites in order to identify problems and produce better ways to maximize traffic, as well as increase product awareness and ‘thinking outside the box’ strategies, including the use of video SEO.

David writes high quality SEO copy, but does so using the motto “I write for humans, not search engines”, and the engaging content of his writing strongly reflects this. After all, what is the point of spending money driving traffic to your website, if there is no subsequent clearly defined, call to action?



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