Terms and Conditions

The purpose of our site is to provide a marketplace that connects employers with vWorkers, using mandatory escrow without subscription or pay per bid fees.

Rent a vWorker offers this site at no charge, subject to the following terms:

Rent a vWorker reserves the right to edit or delete any project posting, bid or other submission that is deemed inappropriate or in violation of our policies. We may exercise this right without notice.


All user accounts are limited until full identity verifications are complete. Employers can post projects to accept bids but cannot accept a bid or hire a vWorker until they have verified their identity. vWorkers can place bids and work on projects but cannot withdraw funds until they have verified their identity; USA vWorkers must also complete a Form W-9 before making any withdrawals. Affiliates can refer other users and earn referral credit but cannot withdraw funds until their identity is verified.


Bid Requests and Bids:
Bid requests posted requesting free or ‘pro bono’ services, barters in exchange for goods or sales, or in exchange for other services will be removed, and we reserve the right to terminate the employer posting the bid request. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to remove bids and terminate the accounts of any vWorker that submits a bid asking for the same. Requesting for advance payment is not permitted, and we reserve the right to remove such a request and/or terminate the vWorker’s account for such request. Milestone payments are available at the employer's sole discretion.

Non-Profit Agencies:
Special accommodation or exceptions to the policy stated above will be given to non-profit organizations. If you have a legally designated non-profit agency or are in the process of establishing such please contact us.

Appropriate use of our site:
You agree not to post or upload anything that may be construed as threatening, abusive or obscene. Any bid requests for work on an adult site needs to be marked as such in the title of the bid request, as well as at the top of the bid request – No exceptions! Bid requests that are made for adult websites and include a link to the site must obscure their website address by placing spaces in between the www. and .com/.net/.xxx or be placed in an image that cannot be read by search engine spiders.

You agree not to upload any content that you know is contaminated with a virus, spyware or other disruptive component. We strongly advise that you use an anti-virus and firewall on your local PC. If you do not have this software please check our partner page for useful products that are available to you at a discount for being a member of Rent a vWorker. We try to maintain agreements with other websites and services that will offer a discount to you for being a part of our site. If your account is terminated you are no longer entitled to discounts under the agreement of which we have established these partnerships.

You agree not to post bid requests for a vWorker to complete your school homework, write reports, papers, thesis statements, etc. It is your responsibility to do your own homework! You can, however, post a bid request for assistance on your homework or to have your work reviewed. Professors and educators can post bid requests for tests and assignments to be created, rewritten, tested or graded.

Workers have a twenty-four (24) hour grace period in which they can opt-out of a project of which they were awarded, unless the project is categorized as “Urgent” or “Emergency” and has a deadline of three (3) days or less.

The use of automated bots and spiders is prohibited without written authorization from Rent a vWorker. If you have a need for employing an automated bot system on our site we will consider it. If approved, all guidelines provided must be adhered to, and we reserve the right to revoke our permission at any time.

If you opt to share your account and log in information with another party you are legally responsible for their actions as if they were your own. Sharing accounts and log in information is strongly discouraged.

Workers agree to meet the project delivery date and employers agree to review deliveries and release escrowed funds, advise worker of a problem with the deliveries or open mediation in a timely manner. Employers typically have a specific deadline for their projects because they need it completed within the time frame given, and workers are not paid until the employer accepts their work, so we respectfully ask that you are diligent with your responsibilities. At our discretion, if an employer does not accept deliveries or notify the worker (via the RavW message board) of a problem within a reasonable time frame we will accept the deliveries ‘as is’ and close the project on the employer’s behalf. If you are an employer, by use of this site you agree to this.

Causing harm to our site or fellow users:
Rent a vWorker reserves the right to cancel your account and/or pursue legal action in cases where you have knowingly caused harm to our site or other parties using our site.

If your account is terminated by us for inappropriate conduct or misuse and you open a new account it will be terminated. Any open projects and/or bids will be cancelled and subject to a cancellation fee. We continually monitor for duplicate accounts, so if for some reason your account is terminated with cause and you would like it reinstated please take a moment to contact us in lieu of opening another account. Additionally, we do not permit users with a poor feedback rating to open a new account. If our monitoring reveals a duplicate account, both the original and duplicate(s), will be cancelled immediately, and all bid requests or projects will be cancelled and subject to a cancellation fee.

Disintermediation (using our site to find, negotiate and consummate an agreement to pay or receive funds outside of or off-site) is not permitted on our site. Employer agrees to escrow funds and pay the worker they select using our escrow system, funded using a payment method on our site, and workers agree to accept monies earned from our escrow system via a payment method on our site. Payment arrangements made outside of our site are prohibited and will result in permanent account suspension or termination, and any funds in either account will be forfeited. Both employers and workers agree that if they request disintermediation the same penalty applies as if it takes place, so please report this to us if another party proposes it.

You agree to only use English on our site. Communication in other languages is not permitted.

Site Fees:
It is free to post job/bid/project requests and to bid on the same. There are three basic ways in which a charge will be incurred on our site for most users.

     Workers:  When your project closes there will be a 6-15% project (end of job) fee incurred and deducted from the amount paid on the job, i.e., a $30 project that has a 15% end of job fee will have $4.50 deducted, so your net pay on the job will be $25.50. The project fee covers the costs of operating the site and maintaining the necessary requirements to legally operate this type of site. Once all costs are covered, profits, if any, will be used for securing group discount plans and benefits for site members and/or a random method to offer bonus pay back to the workers that help make our site the best in the industry – those that helped build it, those that refer the most people, those with the best performance record, etc. This is not guaranteed nor promised, but it is our hope. When this point is reached a press release will be posted and/or emails sent out. Such announcements will be made on the ticker tape at the bottom of our site and on the Rent a vWorker CMS. This site has been built by vWorkers for vWorkers. After one year we should know better what to expect on the site. We are transparent and open about our operation.

1)  The percentage deducted from the end of job will be reduced on projects that you are personally invited to bid (one-on-one) and the type of job, this fee is called the end of job fee. Also, please note, when you opt to receive payment you will also be charged the applicable fees to cover the costs of sending the payment to you, depending on your payment method.

2a.)  Workers at fault in mediation:  If a worker is found at fault in mediation they will be assessed a 3.5% fee of the total project amount. This is the approximate cost of the initial funds escrow transfer (when we charged the employers bank card or payment source to create the escrow). This cancellation fee is assessed because in most cases the employer wants a refund of these funds, and while sending the refund is free, we do not get reimbursed for the initial cost of the funds transfer.

2b.)  Employers at fault in mediation:  If an employer is found at fault in mediation they will be assessed a 3.5% fee of the total job amount. However, if the funds originally escrowed are not refunded (they are kept on-site and used within 10 days) this fee is waived.

Mediation is available free of charge, if there is a dispute between the worker and employer. Rent a vWorker will appoint an impartial party to evaluate the dispute and make a decision. Before the arbitrator makes a decision each side will have the opportunity to express their concerns, with an attempt to reach a neutral conclusion. All decisions within mediation are final, unless you feel that the arbitrator was not unbiased or did not conduct the mediation in an unbiased manner.

Mediation is based solely on the work presented in the original bid request and details communicated and agreed upon before the worker is hired for the project. The employer can reduce the scope of work but cannot add to the work outlined before escrow. Negotiations are acceptable provided that they are agreed to between the parties. Any changes made after the worker is hired must be agreed to by both parties to become part of the agreement. Promises of bonus payments for additional work are not protected by escrow, so if the additional work requires payment we strongly encourage both parties to open a new project and escrow funds for the extra work. There is no charge for mediation; however, if the job is cancelled as a result of a dispute, the party found at fault will be responsible for a 3.5% cancellation fee.

If the employer is found to be at fault, the employer will be responsible to pay the cancellation fee, unless the project is reposted and another worker is hired on the site within ten (10) days. The deduction of the cancellation fee will be taken at the closing of mediation, before the escrowed funds are returned to employer. Should the employer repost and hire another worker this fee will be added back into the employers account. This is not automatically monitored, so employers reusing funds should contact us to let us know that the job was reposted and a new vWorker was hired. Please include the job numbers and titles for both the cancelled and reposted projects with your request.

If the worker is found to be at fault the cancellation fee will be deducted from the worker’s account at the close of mediation.

In some instances arbitration will end with an agreement of both parties at fault. In this case the cancellation fee will be negotiated and split accordingly, based on the negotiation within mediation.

Once a project enters into mediation feedback cannot be left for the other party. The arbitrator will leave feedback for both parties. Failure to participate in mediation or cooperate will result in a poor rating being placed in your feedback, which will affect your overall rating. Ratings by an arbitrator range from zero (0) to negative three (-3). With each rating the arbitrator will document a summary of the dispute and reason(s) for the rating given.

Off-site communication cannot be entered into mediation, so please make sure to recap any pertinent information that you share with the other party on-site and ask the other party to acknowledge the recap that you post.

Abusing the arbitrator or other party within mediation will result in an immediate decision for the other party, so please consider your comments before posting. Do not post comments such as, “This guy is an idiot”, “He is unreasonable, no one could make him happy”, or “You think he would know better than…..”. We understand that comments are subjective and consider this when reviewing each case brought to mediation, but blatant inappropriate comments will cause you to forfeit arbitration without the option of an appeal.

You may recognize some of our arbitrator’s names. You agree not to attempt to contact them privately or via another website, such as Facebook or Twitter, to “hear your case”. This will cause you to forfeit arbitration. All communication must be conducted within our arbitration forum and viewable to the other party.

Should the mediator deem that a neutral decision cannot be made, neither side can be found at fault or the majority of the claims of one or both parties cannot be verified, a random method will be used to determine the final outcome. You agree that mediation will close, without the option of an appeal, at whatever the results of this random method are. An example of our random method would be, whatever the middle Michigan lottery number is for ‘x –date’ will be the percentage of the job paid to the worker. So, if the middle number for the specified date is 46 then the vWorker will receive 46% of the total project, and the employer will be refunded 54%, and cancellation fees will be split the same.  

Legal Responsibilities:
Any person or company accessing this site is responsible for compliance to US Laws; our responsibility is simply to provide a safe venue for employers and freelance workers to connect, and our liability ceases at this point. If you are participating in a project that has deliveries outside of the USA you are responsible for all export and import laws.

Verification of Identity:
Before an employer can accept a bid on a project on our site their identity must be verified. Before a worker can bid on a project on our site their identity must be verified. This ensures each party’s identity and that each is of legal age to enter into a legally binding agreement. The legal age requirement to use our site is eighteen (18) years old. All contractors residing in the US are required to submit the appropriate information or complete an online W-4 form for tax purposes. At the end of each calendar year each vWorker that meets the requirements will receive a Form 1099.  While US residents may begin working on the site immediately, we must receive your completed W-4 before we can release payment to you; this is required by law.

When a vWorker submits deliveries to the employer ALL claims of ownership and/or copyright is relinquished once the escrow is released, unless otherwise specifically stated at the time of which deliveries are made, or such is concluded through the mediation process. If employer requests a completely new delivery, in lieu of minor modifications, the vWorker holds all ownership and copyright to the original submission. Backlinks are not permitted in website design unless specifically agreed to within the job correspondence.

If employer’s form of payment is found to fraudulent or "charged back" all copyrights are transferred to Rent a vWorker; in such an event, legal action will be pursued whenever possible.

All content found on Rent a vWorker is copyrighted and expressed property of the same. No content can be reproduced in whole or part without written consent from Rent a vWorker. Links to our site and/or content are permitted. Workers: If you complete a job and would like to include it in your portfolio please get consent for this from the employer. In most cases an employer will permit this, especially if you offer a link to their site.

Employers have the option to require a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) on their projects. This agreement requires the vWorker to hold the details and information provided by the employer in the strictest of confidence. This means, for example, that if you’re hired to ghostwrite a story, once the project is paid in full you cannot advertise or make public that you wrote the story. All work is to remain private unless otherwise stated and agreed to.

Once you have transferred funds to our site they will be held for you to use when you hire a worker for a project. Funds escrowed and then returned to your employer account after mediation are also available for you to use on future projects. However, if you request a refund back to your payment source we must charge a 3.5% processing fee. This is why an employer found at fault in a mediation does not always incur a cancellation fee; if the funds remain on-site for future work the cancellation fee is waived, however, if they are returned to your credit card or the source of which they were originally funded we must charge this processing fee unless the vWorker was found at fault and pays the cancellation percentage. The reason for this is not to profit, but rather to cover the fees that all merchants charge us a fee when we initially create your escrow. This fee is normally recovered from the end of job fee deducted from the workers payment, but when we issue a refund or credit your funds back to your account without recovering it at the close of your project we lose these funds entirely. Even when issuing a refund merchants do not refund the initial fees charged.         

Rent a vWorker provides the service of a freelancer marketplace only. We do not offer any guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied. We provide the website service for both the employer and worker; any guarantee or warranty is the responsibility of the vWorker. If a project is subject to mediation, the employer must provide a list of flaws that we will attempt to verify and work with the vWorker to correct. Decisions made within mediation are final.  Please see “Mediation”, in some cases an arbitrator’s decision can be appealed.

Website Service:
Rent a vWorker offers no warranty regarding our website service. We extend the 99.99% uptime guarantee provided by our website host, but it is inevitable that from time to time our site will be unavailable. Notice will be given, whenever possible, prior to closing the site for maintenance.

If you have a project with a deadline that occurs during a time when our site is or will be unavailable the deadline on your project will be extended twenty-four (24) hours from the time that the site is back online and available. If your deadline is urgent please contact us and we will make attempts to contact the other party to manually assist you.

Terms of Service are provided in addition to all site regulations and agreements. RavW reserves the right to alter, edit, amend or terminate its Terms of Service as necessary. Such changes will be posted on www.rentavworkercms.com Rent a Vworker CMS - Opens in a new window

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