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RavW vWorker Agreement

The following vWorker Agreement is provided in addition to Rent a vWorker's Terms of Service and other legal agreements. It applies to freelancer workers that use our site for the purpose of working and making money online. Additional information can be found in our article and CMSThis link opens in a new window areas, both of which contain recommended  reading for our existing online workers and those that are just beginning to work online.

A "Worker" is the same as a "vWorker", a commonplace abbreviation for "Virtual Worker"; it is interchangeable with the terms "Freelancer", "Online Worker", "Coder" and "Online Contractor". Similarly, an "Employer" is the same as a "vEmployer", also known as a "Virtual Employer". In today's technological world, outsourcing projects and working online has become a staple of successful business. Rent a vWorker is the only site that is governed by US Law and provides a fair venue for connecting employers with freelance workers with a money back guarantee for employers and payment protection for workers.

By use of the site you agree that you acknowledge and accept our Terms of Service and subsequent Agreements, that you are eighteen (18) years or older and authorized to represent and place bids on projects for the company that you are representing (if any).

RavW does not charge any membership or site fees, you only pay an end of job fee when you have successfully completed a project. In rare cases of a dispute, if your project enters into arbitration and you are found at fault, you may be charged a 3.5% cancellation fee. Arbitration takes place if you and the employer cannot resolve disputed issues via mediation. To avoid this we offer information to help avoid disputes and resolve disputes before going into mediation. Our dispute resolution service is free and available on all projects. Other than these two instances (end of job fee and job cancellation fees, if applicable), the only other fees associated with working online for Rent a vWorker is a $5 processing fee for withdrawals and any fees that your merchant of choice might charge.

The end of job fee is automatically calculated and added to your bid amount when you submit your proposal to work, so you enter in the amount that you would like to earn on the job and our site calculates the fees and presents this amount to the employer.

When you submit a bid on a project you are agreeing to the terms of our site as well as any additional terms set forth in the bid request or communications by the employer. And, when the employer accepts your bid he is agreeing to the terms of our site and any terms that you set forth before or at the time that you placed your bid.

You will own all copyrights to work submitted until the employer releases 100% of the agreed upon funds, once the funds have been released to your account the employer will own all copyrights (regardless of when you withdraw your money). This applies to drafts as well; if you submit a draft of your work and the employer requests revisions you will retain all copyrights for the initial work submitted. If your deliveries are rejected and major modification is required you will retain all copyrights to the rejected work.

If the project you are working on requires a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) you are required to hold all information in the strictest confidence. Your electronic signature acknowledging the NDA is the same as your handwritten signature.

Posting personal contact information within bids, job correspondence or your profile is prohibited and will result in forfeiture of any on-site funds in your RavW account.

Never use your deliveries in your portfolio, website or any other resume type media without permission from the employer.

Never post personal contact information within your profile.

At the time an employer accepts your bid they are required to put the entire cost of the project into an escrow account. The funds posted by the employer will be held until you complete the job, at which time the end of job fee is deducted and the remaining amount is credited to your account. This is your guarantee that if you complete the project per the requirements specified you will get paid. Please remember that the project deadline is also a part of the specifications.

Should you place a bid for a project and then find yourself unable to complete the project you can withdraw from the contract, without penalty, anytime during the first 24 hours after your bid has been accepted. After the initial 24 hour grace period you are bound to the standard terms and will need to open a dispute case to cancel the project. Please note that the 24 hour grace period is not available for jobs classified as "Emergency".

You can only bid on a project or enter into a working contract after you have verified your identity - All site users must verify their identity. We strongly recommend that you begin the identity verification process as immediately after signing up on Rent a vWorker. This verification is to help circumvent fraud.

Agreeing to complete projects for free, in exchange for other goods or services (barter agreements), or for payment off-site is strictly prohibited and may result in termination of your account and forfeiture of any funds that are in your site account. If you encounter such projects we ask that you advise us of such. You can open a support ticketThis link opens in a new window at our help desk for this.

Intentionally uploading viruses, spyware or other malicious content is prohibited.

All site communications must be in English.

Do not share your log in information with anyone. You are responsible for all transactions on your RavW account.

After you complete your project you will have two (2) weeks to leave feedback for your employer. The employer will not be able to view the feedback that you have left until:  1) he leaves feedback for you; or  2) two weeks have passed since the project was closed, at which time he can no longer leave feedback.

If your employer does not release payment within seven (7) business days you can open a dispute to have RavW close the project out. Though this is an available option, it is not necessarily the best remedy and we recommend that you ask the employer to (and allow him a reasonable amount of time) to release the funds first. So please use this with option with caution.

Withdrawals can be made twice per month, on the 1st and the 15th. Please allow Rent a vWorker seven (7) business days to process your withdrawal request. We process vWorker payments as quickly as possible. Each withdrawal request is assessed a $5 processing fee to cover in-house processing as well as merchant and gateway fees. This processing fee is a flat fee regardless of your withdrawal method. Please check with your merchant to see if your merchant will assess a fee. 

Your contract for hire is between you and the vEmployer. Rent a vWorker's role is limited to providing a venue for users to find and hire online worker(s) and to oversee the escrow for each project.

All US workers are required to complete a W9 form before they can withdraw money from the site, and Rent a vWorker will issue 1099 tax forms to all US vWorkers that meet the threshold requirement.

Rent a vWorker's principle business is located in Perry, MI  USA, governed by US Law.

RavW reserves the right to alter, edit, amend or terminate its Worker Agreement as necessary. Such changes will be posted on Rent a Vworker CMS - Opens in a new window

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